Empowering your enterprise for social media savy

My name is Tim Hand.  Until recently I had been working in education for over thirty years, (NSW Department of Education and

Tim_2015 Communities – arguably one of Australia’s biggest Not for Profits).  However in more recent times I’ve become increasingly involved in providing advice for smaller NfPs and start ups.

These have included a range of activities from start up based theater to national Aboriginal health initiatives.

I am passionate about social change and the organisations and people fighting for it. I believe (properly implemented) social media strategies are a perfect compliment to the ethos of these organisations.

Most companies do social media badly. While they have now come to realise the need to invest in a website, social media often takes second place to their corporate site.


Adding a few badges and a poorly maintained page linked to these, is too often the end of story.

Not for profits generally are blighted with the same attitude –  build it once and they will come. But NfPs are missing possibly greater opportunities with social media. Corporates use social media to help build their brand and to promote awareness of products and services. They are not so much interested in building personal relationships with people but rather building commercial or transactional relationships.

While brand and image building are important for NfPs, real and trusted relationship building is crucial.  NfPs must use social media in very different ways to their commercial counterparts.  Most importantly, cultivating loyaltyand to their cause, through trusted networks.  Social media will help build and retain your community of supporters.  The purpose of the organisation is paramount – always Push for Purpose-this is your brand.

Social media can no longer be seen as an afterthought separated from the organisation’s main activities. It needs to be at the core of everything, engaged in by everyone within the organisation and executed in an expert and professional manner.

Deployed properly, social media underpins all of the NfPs activities, and will ultimately define its mission support network and sustainability

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