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Our Responsible Lending Charter

Handout is committed to protecting customers by upholding our obligations to lend responsibly. This means that we take responsible lending obligations very seriously and will only approve customers for a loan they can repay.

We know that there is always room for improvement and that’s why we regularly review our systems, processes and lending practices to ensure that we lend responsibly to our customers.

As the costs of living deteriorates disposable income, the market for short to medium term loans has expanded to include those on lower incomes. Accompanying this trend comes a decrease in banks’ willingness to approve loans for several reasons. Until recently, the only available alternatives have prayed on these people by using unethical lending practices.

That is where Handout comes in. Our aim is to protect consumers from unfair lending practices by breaking down ‘the predatory nature of the lending market and its ability to add to the financial difficulties of people on low income’ as we fundamentally believe that these families still deserve a right to obtain credit.

We categorize ourselves as an ethical business that makes every effort to help the community and change the way people have been treated by companies with poor lending practices. We do this through our stringent lending practices where we have safeguards in place to ensure that customers that apply for loans can afford to repay them and do not end up in a debt spiral.

We have conducted a market analysis and determined that there is a strong demand for our services to assist customers who need that extra funding. Our main focus is to serve that segment of the market that the banks have turned their back on as a result of regularity scrutiny and their own risk appetite; regardless of their location.  

We Care
At Handout we care about our customers. This is why we make every effort to keep you informed of your application process and how can support you as a valued customer.

We're Available
We accept applications 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can apply online. Our online dashboard also allows you to view your application status, finalise your loan or view your balance.

We Hear You
Our customer service team are on hand between the hours of 8:30am and 7:00pm to provide you with assistance and the service you want. We are there to provide you with flexibility when you need it and are always happy to help.